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Since 1943, Eidal has pioneered the world market for special purpose heavy-duty transporters and aircraft ground support equipment. The name Eidal has been synonymous with "The Biggest Things That Roll". Eidal Trailers and related products along with its Aircraft Ground Support Equipment can be found in the four corners of the world.

In the transportation industry where conventional transport and equipment have often failed or proven uneconomical, Eidal has met the challenge of severe climates, frequent overloads and abusive off-road terrains. Experience has been a demanding teacher. With each new design Eidal has followed its equipment into the field, testing, living with the operators to confirm the efficiency and durability of its products.

Experience has paid off for Eidal and for Eidal customers. Today Eidal transporters and equipment are known and respected where people match power and endurance against massive loads and punishing environments on and off the road.

This website illustrates only a few of the hundreds of different products and trailers designed and manufactured by Eidal.

If you demand the best, look to Eidal.