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About Eidal

Eidal was formed by Roy M. Eidal in November 1943 as Eidal Manufacturing Company for the purpose of producing military trailers for the United States government. After World War II, the changeover from military to civilian trailers was rapidly made. By mid 1946 Eidal was producing off-highway trailers for the oil industry abroad. Eidal trailers hauled the pipe and other materials that built the Trans Arabian Pipeline across more than 1,000 miles of roadless desert in Saudi Arabia. Eidal hauled construction equipment and materials for Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO), and transported drilling rigs to isolated desert areas and serviced these rigs. Eidal transported fuel, food, water, cement, pipe, and housing that permitted oil field crews to live and work in a desolate area.

By 1950, the company was producing fabricated steel for bridges and buildings as well as manufacturing trailers. As the trailer business increased, steel fabrication orders were sought less and less until this business was discontinued completely. For the next decade the company continued with the military trailers business, and to manufacture other military trailers and parts for such equipment. During the Korean conflict, Eidal’s production was directed toward filling U.S. military orders.

As new areas of the world opened to oil exploration, Eidal solicited the business of drilling, exploring and field service firms, and successfully sandwiched military and civilian manufacturing. New areas opened to Eidal. Aside form the Middle East, trailers and components were exported to Australia, Asia, North Africa and South America.

Today, Eidal through the acquisition of existing companies and the expansion and development of its own product lines Eidal has diversified and expanded and now serves principal markets which include the mass transportation, defense and civilian transportation, oil and gas industries, and military aircraft ground support equipment. In 1991 Eidal produced fifty of its specialized 70-ton heavy-duty transporters for Saudi Arabian Armed Forces.

Eidal major products are lowboy trailers for domestic and overseas customers; military trailers to transport tanks, water, fuel and general cargo; aircraft ground support equipment which include hydraulic test stands, carts, brake testers and retrofit kits for the U.S. Air Force, NATO, and other approved countries; fifth wheels for medium, heavy and severe loads both on-off highway. These vehicles are in service in over seven major cities and national parks in the United States, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Eidal continues to be a leader in the production of civilian and military trailers, fifth wheels, aircraft ground support equipment and alternative fuel mass transit vehicles.